Healthy You Vending Reviews


Healthy You Vending machines have boosted retail vending practices in a significant way over the recent years. Healthy You Vending gives investors a chance to start their own business in a less complicated way, and its returns on investments are significant.  Having sold hundreds of thousands of vending machines, the Healthy You Vending company has impacted largely to the society regarding how business is done and has brought a sweet shopping experience to customers of fast products.

According to online reviews, investors in this machines seem to appreciate the opportunities that Healthy You Vending machines have offered them in entering the industry of healthy foods. The fact that Healthy You Vending is not a franchise has also been seen to be appealing to many people since the investors do not have to face any upfront fees, royalty fees, as well as trademark costs.  Healthy You Vending investors have also appreciated the guarantees offered, and the exceptional customer service.  Healthy You Vending gives anyone a chance to conduct a profitable business in a good way. This is irrespective of whether you are a veteran or new to the business. The company has also been seen to be effective in helping its customers get the Healthy You Vending machines up and running.

Investor’s reviews show that they have appreciated the constant training that the company offers to them. This is inclusive of a two-day training session commonly known as the healthy your university. Here, distributors are given rigorous training. The training is meant to provide hands-on experience that i crucial in handling the vending machines as well as the information in regards to the business operations, website support, and the proprietary vending software. Check out this website at for more facts about vending machines.

Healthy You Vending machines can carry up to 1000 healthy products. Most of these are healthy snack options, organic drinks that are kosher, low-fat, and gluten-free.

It is evident that people appreciate the special features of this Healthy You Vending machines such as its ability to read debit and credit cards.  The machine’s ability to read cash and coins is also seen to be a significant advantage.

The machine has a remote monitoring feature that aids in providing the owner with necessary information.  The remote feature can let the distributor know when an item has depleted in stock, and also inform them of the absence of employees.  Another special feature is its energy-saving mode that helps in keeping drinks cool at a lesser cost. With the smartcard technology in this machine, a distributor can easily change its settings from a remote place.


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